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X Ball 2.1

X Ball 2.1: cash-based brick breaking game; buy powerups; fight enemies; create worlds X Ball is a cash-based brick breaking game. Anyone who has ever enjoyed playing classic brickout will love this brand new twist on the game! You can buy and sell powerups to use at any time during game play! There are 40 different powerups, too many different types of bricks to count, an assortment of enemies, and 350+ levels available. And a World Editor is included so you can make your own! All classic brickout fans should give this game a try!

Montris 1.2.0: Play the classic Tetris game with different levels.
Montris 1.2.0

In this game you will play the classic Tetris game with different levels. A group of 4 blocks will drop from the top of the screen, you can move the blocks and rotate them until they drop to the bottom of the screen and then the next group of 4 blocks apepars. You should arrange the blocks so that the blocks fill up a complete row, and then the row of blocks will be destroyed. After destroying a certain number of rows, you can advance to the next

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BABLS Game 2.1.0: Puzzle game. You should remove the balls, blocks or stars in best possible time.
BABLS Game 2.1.0

BABLS Game is Vista compatible puzzle game that combines classic arcade playability with modern DirectX technologies. BABLS Game is user friendly variation of all-time classic falling block game where you must remove the balls (block or stars, upon your choice) in the best possible time.

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Orneta Go for Smartphone 2002 1.0.1

Orneta Go is the classic game of Go for your Windows Mobile based Smartphone. The game of Go was originally created in China between 3,000 and 4,000 years ago. Go is the oldest game that is still played in its original form. The game is still played by millions in Asia, as well as the rest of the world. Now you can play Go directly upon your Windows Mobile based Smartphone.

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RotoBlox 2.1: RotoBlox is a mixed collection of classic and newest tetris games.
RotoBlox 2.1

classic and newest tetris games. Play your favorit games, and try new game types of this highly addictive arcade. The game has different skins. Sink in a jungle world, distant galaxy or construction plant. Download RotoBlox and play any of these magnificent tetris games. The game is a nice gift for a real tetris maniacs! As in the classic tetris, the goal is to use different falling shapes to create complete horizontal lines without gaps. Becoming

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Soko Hunter 2.310: Soko Hunter is a very addictive strategy game similar to the classic game Sokoba
Soko Hunter 2.310

game similar to the classic game Sokoban. In this game, You must help our hunter catch all animals by pushing some cages. The rule is so simple and the levels look very easy at first, but they become more and more difficult, you`ll find them really challenging to your brain! That`s why the sokoban games have been very popular in the world for about twenty years since it was first invented in 80`s. Soko Hunter has greatly improved the original game

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Dreamstars 3.03

game! We guarantee that no two games will ever be the same! Multiplayer co-operative and action vs. strategy modes add even more replay value. Classic game play makes this a game that anyone can pick up and play. Quick to download and nearly instant to register with a full no-questions-asked money back guarantee! Dreamstars offers you years of replay value at a very affordable price. This is a must have game for any PC owner, it even works on laptops

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